In this paper, a molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) for sarafloxacin was prepared by the use of itaconic acid as the functional monomer and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate as the crosslinking monomer. To improve selectivity, cobalt(II) ions was used to form metal-template complex, which provided the specific binding sites similar to metal-chelate antibody. The influences of different […]

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Abstract The oxidation of oxalic acid by the potassium tetrabromoaurate(III) in 0.005≤ [H2C2O4]≤0.07 mol dm-3 is studied by UV spectrophotometry in the temperature range of 293.2 – 313.2 K. Under pseudo-first-order conditions ([H2C2O4]0 ≥10[Au(III)]0), it is first order in [Au(III)] and [H2C2O4]. Both H+and Br– retard the reaction. The reactive species for Au(III) is AuBr3(H2O). A mechanism for this reaction […]

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Abstract Poly(L-lactic acid) (PLLA) of high molecular weight was prepared by chain extending reaction in a micro-compounder. Phosphites were used as chain extenders to increase the molecular weight of the PLLA prepolymer that was prepared by bulk polycondensation of L-lactic acid. Effects of the amount of the phosphite, temperature and the screw speed were studied on […]

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Abstract The Salen-copper(II) complex was synthesized by diffusion. The structure was characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction. It crystallized in triclinic system,pB1spacegroup,with a=9.3441(18)Å, b=11.478(3)Å, c=12.320(3)Å, a=81.584(11)°, b=74.681(9)°, g=68.206(9), MolecularFormula: C23H19CuN5O8, M=397.86, V=1181.6(5)Å3, z=2, Dc=1.56Mg/m3, R1=0.0416, wR2=0.1236,I>[2s/(I)]. The crystal included a mononuclear complex [Cu(H2L)(DMF)] and a non-coordinated H2O molecular. Keyword diaminomaleontrile;5-carboxylsalicylaldehyde;crystal structure Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a New Salen-Copper (II) Complex Li Lijun, Yang […]

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